Men and Women of Faith

Down through the years there have been many missionaries, pioneers and other godly men and women who have walked in holiness and have made a substantial impact for the kingdom of God, bringing many souls to the Lord.

These were men and women were close to God and were unquestionably led of the Spirit. They were individuals who had a hunger & thirst for the deep things of God. They were people who had learned to surrender all to God. They had been taught by the Spirit the deep truths of the cross of Christ. They often used such words as ‘brokenness,’ ‘humility,’ ‘absolute surrender,’ ‘yieldedness,’ ‘meekness,’ etc.

They were men and women who knew how to yield to the Holy Spirit. The fruit of their lives and ministry speaks for itself. They left a rich legacy of truth and experience behind them. We can glean much from their lives and from the revelation that they handed on to succeeding generations. The following is a brief mention of just a few of these godly individuals who have advanced the work of the Lord in these last days.

Charles Grandison Finney
1792 – 1875
John Hyde
1865 – 1912
Kathryn Kulman
1907 – 1976
Amy Wilson-Carmichael
1867 – 1951