End Times

On the Mount of Olives the disciples asked Jesus about the sign of his return to this world and the end of the age. In his reply, Jesus referred them to the prophecy of Daniel regarding the desecration of the Jewish temple “Holy Place” (Matt 24:15). In the last days, a rebuilt Jewish temple will once again be in existence upon the Temple Mount.

The Future Third Temple

Today, the Dome of the Rock occupies the centre of the Temple Mount. The future third temple could be rebuilt to the north of the Dome. It would be on the same site as the former temple. There would be room to provide an acceptable easement between the two buildings. There would, in fact, be a clearance of 150 feet. This would allow the Dome to actually co-exist with the Third Jewish Temple provided the temple is rebuilt straight across from the Eastern Gate. According to scholars such as Prof. Asher Kauffman this is in fact the archaeologically correct position. This is also consistent with the words the Jesus gave the apostle John in the Book of Revelation:

Rise and measure the temple of God and the altar and them that worship therein. But the court which is without the temple leave out and measure it not, for it is given unto the Gentiles.                                                                                   (Rev. 11:1-2)

To the current international political players this peaceful coexistence of an Islamic Dome and a Jewish Temple would be quite acceptable as well. It would not be the architecture of the ultimate Messianic dominion in holiness expected by the Jews who are waiting for the rebuilding of their temple and the Christians who are conversant with the endtimes. But the powers who rule in this present world would probably favour it. Such an arrangement would be “politically correct”.

The good news in all this, from the perspective of world peace, is that to build a third temple there would be no necessity to destroy the Islamic shrine, the Dome of the Rock. It could be constructed right next door to the Dome of the Rock.

 Eschatology of the End -Times

 End TImes News Update 


Islamic intolerance and the Temple Mount

[31st April 2014]

Dome of the Rock in JerusalemClearly, though, there will never be peace, not in Israel nor anywhere else in the region, until Muslims reconcile themselves to a co-existence with the “others” in their midst.

Between 1948 and 1967, not one Jew prayed at the Western Wall. Jews were prevented from entering east Jerusalem altogether, which was under Jordanian occupation.

The Six Day War changed that; with the hallowed words of Col. Mordechai Gur, commander of the Paratroopers Brigade that captured the Old City – “the Temple Mount is in our hands” – Judaism’s holiest site was liberated. [Read More:]


No compromise on east Jerusalem as capital of Palestinian state  

[25th March 2014]

israel and palestineThe Palestinians won’t accept anything less than a fully sovereign state with east Jerusalem as its capital, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday.  [Read More:]



Putin’s quiet Latin America play

[21st March 2014]

USA x RussiaAway from the conflict in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin is quietly seeking a foothold in Latin America, military officials warn.

To the alarm of lawmakers and Pentagon officials, Putin has begun sending navy ships and long-range bombers to the region for the first time in years.

 Russia’s defense minister says the country is planning bases in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, and just last week, Putin’s national security team met to discuss increasing military ties in the region.  [Read more:]

8 in 10 Americans fear 2nd Holocaust  

[21st March 2014]

At the Wailing WallIf you say that just won’t happen, you are in the sparse company of about 16 percent of Americans. That’s because 80.2 percent of the respondents of a new poll said they do fear a rise of anti-Semitism around the world that would turn violent and lead to deliberate attempts to wipe out Jews. The results are from polling on behalf of author Joel C. Rosenberg.  [Read More:]


Russia Warns the West it May Side with Iran

[20th March 2014]

Russia warned the West on Wednesday that it may revise its stance in the Iranian nuclear talks in an act of retaliation over the West’s sanctions on it, The Associated Press (AP) reported.  [Read More:]

Muslim Rioters Attack MK Feiglin on Temple Mount  

[20th March 2014]

Dome of the Rock mosque in Jerusalem

Two Arab rioters were arrested Thursday for attempting to attack MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud Beteinu) as he visited the Temple Mount. Hundreds of rioters threw stones at Feiglin and several individuals who accompanied him. Feiglin was forced to leave the site, and police took steps to break up the riot.   As a result of the riot, the Temple Mount was closed Thursday morning to Jews and to tourists.  [Read More:]


The Palestinian Papers

The Palestine Papers

(26th February 2011)

The documents include:

  • 275 sets of meeting minutes
  • 690 internal e-mails
  • 153 reports and studies
  • 134 sets of talking points and prep notes for meetings
  • 64 draft agreements
  • 54 maps, charts and graphs
  • 51 “non-papers” (including power point presentations)

These accounts of high level exchanges and strategy papers cover a period from 1999 to 2010. They have revealed new details regarding: The Palestinian Authority’s willingness to concede illegal Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem, and to be “creative” about the status of the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount.

Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount

The Haram al-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary), home of the Al Aqsa mosque—Islam’s third holiest site – has been a major sticking point during decades of negotiations between Israelis and the Palestinians.

The Jews call Haram al-Sharif the “Temple Mount” because it was the site of the second temple that was destroyed by the Roman armies in 70 A.D. Who controls this sacred piece of land is a highly controversial issue.

Saeb Erekat, the chief negotiator of the Palestinian Authority (PA), had suggested unprecedented compromises on the division of Jerusalem and its holy sites. Minutes of negotiations at the US State Department in Washington DC indicate that Erekat was willing to concede control over the Haram al-Sharif, or Temple Mount, to the oversight of an international committee.

~ ‘The Palestinian Papers’ WL Central. Creative Commons Attribution.

Divide Jerusalem

Defense Minister Ehud Barak says it is likely that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will agree to divide Jerusalem with the Palestinian Authority.

Barak told the Hebrew-language newspaper Haaretz in an interview published Wednesday that he believes the best chance for peace lies in a peace deal in which all the Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem would be handed over to the PA in order to create a capital for a new Arab country.

“If Netanyahu leads a process, a significant number of rightist ministers will stand with him,” he told the newspaper. “So what is needed is courage to make historic, painful decisions. I’m not saying that there is certainty for success, but there is a chance. This chance must be exploited to the fullest.”

In addition, Barak envisions a “special regime” with “agreed-upon arrangements” to administer the Old City (Temple Mount), the Mount of Olives and the City of David.

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